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Reset of sorts

When I write papers, starting always is the difficult part. So much so that I usually skip the introduction and start on the main points of the paper. This can result in a choppy beginning with a much stronger body and conclusion. I wish that writing personal notes and stories were different.

This reintroduction of my journal will be the fourth attempt at a restart. I will not promise to be better at updates; that obviously does not work. One advantage with this 'new beginning' is that I have more to write about than the mundane undergraduate experience. Now I can talk about the mundane graduate experience. I joke, kind of. Now I work full-time in a college bookstore that is facing many challenges, study a new topic in a new college (same university though), serve as vice-chair for a staff council, maintain a reasonable social sphere, and date a brilliant and adorable man. And I can't forget to mention that I have two lovey (and spastic) cats. Ideally this makes for richer writing material.

Books and the book industry continue to fascinate me, yet they are not the end-all, be-all in my career. Now I study higher education administration and student success with aspirations to join the work of academic advisors. I read a lot for my graduate work which has diminished the time I can devote to pleasure reading. The Economist is a newer addition to my reading materials. My partner gave me a subscription and I read it constantly now. I suspect that reading the The Economist moderated my political outlook, but any excuse other than age sounds good to me. I still swing slightly left of the middle (at times not so slight), yet I am nowhere near the extreme that I was even five years ago.

This is my poor start. Let's hope that the material after will be stronger and not so choppy. Or awkward? Or dull? I promise pictures of cats in the future. They are inevitable.

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